Kris' supa teeny tiny collection

  1. Here is my tiny collection. With the exception of the coach bag, it was all within the last year. Im missing the little brown leather coach bag my parents got me when I was 10, its at their house. Hopefuly this wont be so tiny for long! Trunks and bags pochette and neverfull MM will be added in august! :yahoo: Hopefully followed by much more!

    Sorry for cellphone quality, bad lighting (couldnt get the lighting right) and my messy floor :tdown:
    Coach sig duffle (dont remember the exact name), Gucci large Jolicoeur, Prada makeup bag, Gucci envy me perfume, Coach sig checkbook wallet, coach skull charm, coach lemon slice coin purse, and Dior Escrime special fit .
  2. Cute!
  3. your collection is adorable and probably wont be tiny anymore bc once you join tpf it all goes uphill from there :biggrin:
  4. very nice! thanks for posting :smile:
  5. Cute Stuff! Love the Lemon Slice:heart:and Skull Charm:love:
  6. i love your gucci tote and your little prada case thing!! thnks for posting!!
  7. Love the green/red web Gucci!
  8. Awesome collection!
  9. Great pieces!!! I must say that my faves are your COACH skull charm and lemon coin purse!:nuts: TOO CUTE!!!
  10. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  11. great items, congrats.
  12. Very nice collection!
  13. love that you have black bags and fun accessories!! too cute.
  14. wow the skull charm! very nice collection!
  15. Love the Gucci tote, thanks for sharing!