kournikat's LOEWE purse

  1. As there is no LOEWE forum, I'd like to present my LOEWE purse,which is really one of a kind! It is deep red velvet...:queen:
  2. very pretty!:tup:
  3. That is a beautiful bag!
  4. DROOLWORTHY! :drool::love::love::jammin:CONGRATS!
  5. What a gorgeous, unique bag ! :yes:
  6. Wow, LOVE that color! Beautiful bag, thanks for sharing!
  7. Pretty!
  8. OOOOooo... nice
  9. Perfect bag and very nice colour :tup:
  10. Hi, I'm A Loewe Fan Too. I Have Some Of Them. Here You Can See My Two Amazonas. I Love Specially The Beige Brown , Which Imitates The Look Or Rafia, And It's Made Of Gorgeous Metallic Leather.
  11. Pretty bag!
  12. that is a beautiful red. thanks for sharing!:smile:
  13. Gorgeous bag...haven't seen many Loewe bags around, they sure are nice!
  14. Love your Loewe purses. I have not seen any Loewe bags around where i live, in california, US. I guess it does not have an authorized dealer here :sad:
  15. Very nice!