Korean Fashion!Like or not?

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  1. Wave Stitch Dark Blue Straight Jeans

  2. Those are very cute! I love the shoes too.
  3. Like it!
  4. they look cute to me
  5. Cute outfit..the shoes are awful.
  6. Love the outfit! But the shoes seems too flashy. ^^
  7. Her outfit is very cute, but I don't care for the shoes.
  8. cute outfit
  9. I like it. Its very unique!
  10. the jeans are ok but i love the shirt, jacket, and bag!
  11. Cute outfit...but the shoes...I don't know about that..it's fugly INMO
  12. very cute! I could never pull off wearing those jeans though:sad:
  13. cute. If I were her size I would wear the outfit for sure.
  14. It doesn't seem at all that different from some American brands, to be honest. Cute, though.
  15. Love the jacket!