1. My brother is going to Korea on Saturday. Are there any LV styles there that are not in the states? Also are the prices in general any cheaper than the states? Im thinking of giving him a little list! Can anyone help me out?;)
  2. Unless he uses duty free shops in the airports (which I heard is not the best places to shop since they don't a whole lot of choices) department stores in Korea generally cost more than the US. I'm not sure about Korea having any "special" models but check out the LV website they have one in Korean.
  3. You'll be paying almost 1.3-1.5 times the cost to buy LV in Korea than in the States. If you buy duty free, the cost will come out to be almost same or a little bit over what you'd pay in States w/out tax.
  4. Hey,
    I'm from Korea and it's more expensive there than it is here.
    And I doubt that they have more variety..
  5. korea costs more than the US, even duty free........i bought a wallet in korea duty free and i paid about $40 more than retail
  6. Sunshine ~ It Was A Good Idea!!! Maybe He'll Bring You Back a Surprise Anyways!
  7. I agree with all the ladies when they say that it's not going to be cheaper than it is here. However, since LV has the same pricing policy worldwide (if it is in the same currency), the duty free boutiques will charge the same price as they do here. This means that if you purchase your goods in US $, you may be able to get a better deal because it's tax free. (the prices can seem to go up and down if you purchase with the Korean won, because duty free shops always base their pricing on US $ and then convert that according to the daily currency exchange rate if you wanted to pay it in Korean won)

    If your brother is going to go check things out for you, I'd recommend the duty free shops they have in the city (is he going to Seoul???) not the ones at the airport. They tend to have a pretty large inventory. If you want, I can give you a list of places he could go. PM me if you need the info.
  8. yes, DUTY FREE. haha, and ask him to check out the chanel store too! :P
  9. Thank you for the info ladies. I would not dream of sending him off shopping for me without an exact list...no effort on his part would be required! It does not sound like it would be worth it! I will just keep on shopping here (maybe I will someday become a VIP ! I certainly get enough hand written letters from 3 different SA's I work the most with!!! ) I sometimes wonder how much you have to spend!!! Thanks again all!