Kooba Repair?

  1. Has anyone had a bag repared by Kooba? I have a Sienna that the side support threading has come loose on 2 handles. It's still secure with the main stud but I thought I might send it to have repairs if it's not to much hassle.
    What's their repair policy & pricing?
    The issue doesn't change the integrity of the bag but I am a little anal and like my bags perfect. Thanks.
  2. when i was on vacation in boston, i had a stud fall off my chiara and i took it back to luna boston (my bf had ordered it from them) and they replaced it! fantastic service! at first they wanted to send it to kooba for repair, but when they found i was from canada they just replaced it. i couldn't be happier!
  3. The only big city I live remotely near is Pittsburgh with no Kooba affiliates so it would have to be a send in repair.