Kooba question...

  1. Why does Neiman Marcus list the original price of the Kooba Carla at $650, when the tag on the Kooba bag says $635? Do they have diferent prices on the bags for different stores? Seems odd to me...:confused1:
  2. lol hmm, maybe they're just rounding up? no idea sry i can't be of any help!
  3. The Carla is 650. The Ginger is 635.
  4. I just got my Ginger from Revolve, and it had been advertised as $605, but the Kooba tag says $575. The only thing I could think of was that the $575 is what Kooba themselves would sell it for, and maybe the $605 would be the mark up? Though the Kooba tags says "suggested retail," so I'm not sure.
  5. I guess I must have read the tag wrong...I'd better put the old glasses back on...thanks!:rolleyes:
  6. Sellers can set their own retail price structure. Kooba Inc. only gives them a suggested retail.
  7. Me either...I've seen it and wondered the same thing. Dunno....
  8. Hmm. I wonder if they're from different seasons? The dimensions look like they could be slightly different, as well as the length of the braids? I'm not too familiar with this bag...
  9. Lexie, are you out there? Can you explain this difference?:crybaby: See photos above!

    Carla Braided Leather Hobo Carla Leather Hobo

    Was $650.00 NOW$390.00 Was $750.00 NOW$563.00

    Someone explain the difference in price-I don't get it...
  10. Yeah, I'd love to know, too. When I was researching my Kooba Braedon, I was finding discrepancies all over the place! What's the deal?
  11. beats me! I do know that revolve clothings lists kooba for a bit more expensive than the kooba website. I am sure that they do this with everything, but then again, its 'free' 2 day shipping....guess its not free.

    I agree with what was mention before about the bags maybe being different season? but we definitely need a pro on this one.
  12. Kooba's prices are only suggested retail. The retailers charge whatever they want. Certain textures or colors may be more or less due to volume or demand.
  13. I believe they are 2 different seasons. They don't put out two types of leather on the same bag in a season. Even with a suede variety they will bring out later than the Season Preview. The 1st one is a smooth leather, and the 2nd is a distressed rougher leather. I think the braid length just might be a difference in how high the handle is pulled up. You can see in the 2 pics the handle is stretched differently. Even the black Carla under the Terraine pic looks slightly different. And as for price, I don't think the smooth leather did so well. Remember how we saw all those metallic borwn Koobas on sale a little while back? They obviously weren't a great hit either.
  14. Yeah, they are the same bags just different leathers, exactly.

    Oh and I am surprised about the smooth leather b/c I think the brown metallic is GORGEOUS!