Kooba pics

  1. Here's a Kooba bag that was in NM's The Addition.

    Bourbon (shown) or black leather handbag $645.
  2. Yeah, I'm lovin' my Kooba Sienna for summer, and have my eye on the black one for fall:

    my desert colored one really shows the leather as it ages...I wonder if the black would do the same?
  3. Kooba's are my faves. I'm actually carrying the Frankie today, and I have a Sienna from last fall at home. I love how they're not very flashy - if you know what it is, you know what it is, but it doesn't scream "look at me, I'm a designer bag"

    If you live in NYC...there is a Kooba sample sale (definitely in June, but now possibly more often, like 2x a year). I suggest waiting for the sample sale if possible. I got my Sienna at PinkMascara.com last August, but my Frankie, I paid $150 for...that was nearly 75% off retail.

    I'm waiting for the next Sample Sale so I can score the Paige in Raisin and another Sienna, and possibly the Maria.
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