Kooba Meredith - What are your thoughts?

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  1. So while I was NM the other night, I was checking out the Kooba bags. I wasn't too crazy about any of the ones I saw, until I get to the very end of the aisle. Way in the back, there was this very pretty slate grey handbag. I pulled it out, and the leather was wonderfully soft (I learned from the tag that it's lambskin). I liked the style. Very practical, with a handle to carry it on your arm, and a longer shoulder strap. Suede lining. Very nice. I started thinking that maybe this is a bag I should add to my collection.

    I contacted lininos (on Lexie's recommendation), and he tells me he can order the bag & I'll have it in 2-3 weeks. Just wondering what you guys think of this bag? It seems it's one of the more popular styles. Is it practical? Heavy or Lighter-weight? Is it as practical as it seemed?

    I tend to like to carry larger bags, and while this one isn't enormous, it does seem like it can hold a lot. Plus I've been leaning towards a little more casual bags lately - this one seems to be a little more "grown up."

    Any thoughts and/or input?
  2. I just got the Meredith in blonde and I love it! I have been carrying very classic, structured bags lately and was drawn to this one. My only concerns were 1) the push-lock and 2) durability of the leather. I just ordered Apple leather protector and am waiting to apply before I wear it out, but "practicing" with it at home, it is a great bag. It is so lovely and I think will be very practical (I hope, anyway)! I love the slate color, too!
  3. I can't wait to get this bag. What I like about it is that it's a very classic style, and one that I can carry for years. It's sort of like the Chanel bag - with the flap top opening. I personally don't really care for Chanel, but I think the Kooba Meredith is going to be my go-to bag when I'm wanting to feel grown up, and a bag that can be used for years.

    I'd just luv to hear more about the leather, etc. I've read some comparisons to another Kooba (Charlie?), where some didn't think the leather was very durable and was a little too delicate. Does anyone own a Meredith that can say how the leather is?
  4. It was love at first sight when I saw it at NM and I bought it immediately in Luggage. I think it's comfortable, if not somewhat heavy, but I hate the flap. I have sort of fallen out of love with it but I must say that I LOVE the slate color!
  5. My Meredith is in!! I should have it by the end of the week. I'm surprised that I haven't heard more about this bag. (I hope that's not a bad thing!). One thing I have heard referred to a lot is the top flap. I don't foresee it being that big of a deal (I could always leave the lock undone if it's a pain to open) - I'm wondering if it might be possible to tuck the flap inside the bag, sorta like most people carry their Birkin bags???

    The thing about this bag (that I liked when I first saw it), is that it sort of reminds me of the Miu Miu Coffer bag. I have wanted that bag since I first saw it (but that's probably never gonna happen!). It doesn't seem like the flap/closure has been a problem for that bag, so I'm not sure why the Kooba one would be problematic. Guess I'll find out when it finally gets here.
  6. Yes! That's exactly what I thought. In fact, I had just been looking at the Miu Mius at NM but didn't want to spend that much (my heart belongs to Balenciaga). I strolled over to the Koobas and I thought that was sort of a poor man's version. LOL. I now think differently but I think it's the long shoulder strap that bears the resemblence.