Kooba.com has more 50% off sale bags....

  1. They have 3 types/finishes of the Carla's and Lena and Sloane in suede, Mackenzie in python.....just added these later tonight.
  2. cool! thank you
  3. You're welcome.......Just can't stop hunting even when I can't buy :crybaby:
  4. Yeah, welcome to my world.....:graucho::crybaby:
  5. ooh. lots gone from the website now.
  6. I checked the site yesterday, and there were quite a few bags. Now . . almost all gone. Those went fast.

    So, its not just me, that visits that site daily, looking for a mark-down? LOL
  7. I just checked again and there are only a few styles left-looks like they took the others off the site....
  8. Maybe they're going to stick them in the upcoming moving sale and just have the Fall bags now.