Kooba Chase

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  1. I'm eyeing the Kooba Chase, but since it's an online purchase, I can't feel the leather myself.

    Anyone who has a Chase, what's the leather like? Is it buttery soft, medium soft, textured, structured, or what?

    Also is the coloring constant? The one thing I don't like about my Treesje is that the color is darker in patches, and with this kooba I'd want a nice even color.
  2. I am also curious to hear reviews on this bag as it looks like a very functional bag without being overtly heavy.
  3. I had one briefly and it's very similar to my Kooba Devin. The leather I would say was soft and buttery almost like a big round pillow. The leather looked pretty even. I had a purple one. It seemed more even than my Devin. I have a Devin in blonde and it's pretty uneven though.

    As far as functionality, I didn't use the chase, but it's the same set up as the Devin which I think is super functional. I love the outside magnetic slip pockets and the huge inside pockets. It's very comfy to carry and I can wear it crossbody in a pinch. (it's pretty tight, but works).
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    I've been using it for awhile now, I love this bag! The shoulder straps are wide soft leather that doesn't cut into your skin no matter how full you load the bag (er...which includes putting 2 bottles of 2 litre iced tea in it) and the bag itself is so roomy and very functional. I was a bit worried about the two front pockets that only have a magnetic closure but they hold stuff like keys very well and I love just having to slip my hand in the pocket for my keys and not have to muck around with zippers or inner pockets.

    It's a great soft leather, not smooshy like LP but very soft and buttery and smooth. I love this bag so much, it's the perfect day bag for when you have a lot to do and want to carry a book, a sweater and an umbrella without looking bogged down in stuff.

    Just wanted to add - it is a very lightweight bag, but not fragile at all. It's a great 'contradiction' bag - flexible but sturdy, feminine but modern, functional but attractive, casual but chic...I love it!
  5. Oh my God - look at this!

    It's the Kooba Chase. Except it's not. It's a cheap knockoff by a respectable shop in Australia.

    This makes me so much happier that I got my Kooba. It's so ugly!