kooba charlie - is it really that bad?


May 19, 2007
So I have been forever lusting for the white one, and I came on here and saw that someone had a horrible experience with it. I was wondering if anyone else has had any experience with the Kooba Charlie to support that... in white or the metallic linen? This is driving me crazy, I want the bag so badly.
hey as a fellow KOOBA LOVER i have to tell you we now have our very own KOOBA FORUM! :smile: so post all kooba fanfare and questions in there :smile:

we used to over run the handbags and purse section i think they were glad to get us into our own place :smile:

thanks!!! Plus there is a TON of info all about the charlie in there browse around :smile:



Feb 4, 2007
Just a warning about the white one. I saw a girl carrying one the other day and asked her how it's holding up, since I was waiting for a black one. Well she said she loves the bag, but it picks up color from her clothes horribly. Her solution is to keep the same side of the bag facing her body all the time.


Jan 6, 2006
Wild Wonderful West Virginia
That was me with the horrible experience. Saddest bag disaster I ever had cause I loved this bag. I used it for 4 days, very very gently, and it was getting more marked up by the day. I thought maybe my bag was "one bad apple" but I talked to a fellow ebay seller a week or so ago and she said she saw a Charlie in the store in Rose, and it was a mess. A floor model that no one would buy because it was marked up just from handling. They have a Black Python Charlie and a Linen one that would probably be a great alternative.

arm candy

Jan 12, 2007
Seattle, WA
I haven't had that problem with my Charlie (in Rose) and I am one of those people that is tough on clothes and bags (they get wet, dirty, tossed on the floor of my car)... I am just a total spazz.

No stains or wear and tear yet.

I did have the SA at Nordstrom's spray with protectant before I took it home - that may have made a difference.

The Charlie is one of my favorite everyday bags.

I'm currently wearing (depending on my outfit): a black Choo Ramona, Gucci Positano in cream leather (I am more careful with that bag), a blue Gustto Torlia and my Charlie.

I am just so surprised by the feedback!

the python textured charlie is rocking!