Kooba Carla in Butter

  1. hi kooba lovers, the kooba carla in butter is on sale at revolve, and i'm thinking of getting it :p but i'm not sure abt the colour, is it more yellow or more like an off white/ cream colour? can someone with a kooba in butter tell me please? thanks a lot. :smile:
  2. I don't have a Kooba in that particular color, but the picture looks more like a yellow, at least to me. I love it.

    And hey, at HALF PRICE go ahead and take the plunge! You don't come across that kind of deal too often.

    Great bag, great price... what else is there to know? :smile:

    Let us know if you get it.
  3. Looks more like a beigy/butter/cream and less yellow to me. But it all has to do with our individual computers I guess.
    I don't own any light colored Koobas. Do you have to worry about transference with this shade, do you think? That is the one re-occuring problem I hear involving Koobas.
    Great deal though. Is there any coupons for revolve they could add to that?

    OH WAIT....would this be your first Revolve purchase? That is an automatic 30% off. You could always get a sister or friend to order it for you if you already ordered.
  4. I just purchased a Kooba Carla from Neiman Marcus on sale for $390 plus free shipping with code in terraine (camel). They also had butter available so if the price is better, you might want to check it out. The shipping code I used was either SPRING07 or another one that I will check out for you and post it. Good luck to you. I can't wait to receive mine!!
  5. Okay, it is SPRING7 or SHOPNM. It worked for me and good luck to you!
  6. I just checked Revolve, and the price you got is AMAZING!! I've been searching for a bag in the camel color so I'm not sorry I went with Neiman Marcus but yours is a great deal!
  7. it is an amazing deal for a kooba especially with the 30% new customer discount, which i m going to use cos i've never bought from them before. so a kooba carla for a little bit more than $200?! :nuts:

    i think the colour is more yellow or might be too beigey for my liking so that's why i'm hesitant, and also about transference, i would prefer a darker colour... but it is a nice colour nonetheless, not too common, n i guess i can always wear light coloured clothes with it ;)

    n it seems to be too good a deal to pass up... hehe...
  8. I would go for it. To me, it looks just like the name, buttery. I can tell you I have the Carla and I LOVE LOVE it! It is a roomy, gorgeous bag. For that price, you can't lose either. I got mine for $329 on sale and I thought that was even good.
  9. i bought it!! :nuts: was too good a deal to pass up. only $227 after the further discount. how can one say no? now all i have to do is to wait for it to arrive...
  10. Oh Man...dontcha just love getting something so nice on such a great deal!!! Post those pics!!!
  11. Trevor CONGRADS!!! :smile: cant wait to see the picss great buy!
  12. thanks guys.... yup it feels great to get a good deal like this. i didn't want it to become the one that got away... will post those pics when i get it. :smile:
  13. I have the "Frankie" in the cream color and I love it! It has beautiful suede lining as well. I have seen the bag you're talking about at the Saks Off Fifth outlet in Atlanta-and it is definitely a lght shade of pale yellow. On the Revolve site though-it does look more like the cream color of my bag-and it's perfect! You can always return it if you don't like it!
  14. i went to the kooba website n checked out the relative colour difference between what they call cream, butter, ivory, khaki, etc... cos some colours look like other colours on different websites... anyway i'm expecting a pale/light yellow kooba to come my way, not an off white/ cream one. so long as it's not too beigey i think i will like it. u're right, i can always return it. or sell it on eBay ha
  15. I have seen this one at Saks Off 5th here in MD as well. It is definitely a pale yellow. A light butter color. Actually very pretty, I thought about buying it, but couldn't make up my mind (for a change!) ;)