Kooba Aram - anyone like it?

  1. OMG, that looks even worse than the stock photos! Do you think there are new design people at Kooba? This fall collection is a sad bunch, I'm sticking with 'vintage'!
  2. I think of a Ladies Mini Skirt...and you are right. The only great thing is the Color. The price is not bad at all though and if she takes an offer of like 360 it would be a great deal.
  3. Lexie, what a great idea, cut the bottom of it off and hey presto, a modern mini skirt - I like that idea better.
  4. I like the color but you are right it does look like a pair of pants or a skirt. Not my kind of a bag. Hope they have that color in a different bag.
  5. I don't mind it too much but it does look a little bit clunky. I love the Eden!!! I would love to see it IRL!!
  6. Yip, not doing it for me. Oh, how I long for this past spring, when there was something new to fall in love with every day.
  7. I got my smooth, black leather Eden and will post a bunch of close up pictures over the weekend for you girls to check out. The Arum is kind of like a skirt with big side pockets - like the aprons my mother used to wear. But, I might like it - you girls know how weird I am - so I might try one of these in black patent, since I'm so "in hate" with the Brooke bag Ron bought me for my birthday that I've carried to work every day this week.
  8. Yikes, wasn't sure whether to bump or start a new thread but I just saw this online at Nordstrom in olive patent...???


    I really WANT to find a new Kooba for F/W just because...but I don't think this is the one...boo hoo...
  9. Am I allowed to say this to my kooba buddies??????? Im not impressed with their newer lines. Their designer has a strange sense of style for sure. I mean, this is the bunch that made Brynne's, Sienna's, Lucy's, Scarletts, Annies........Damn I want an Annie too....but seriously.......I got an Eden and thats the farthest I've gone with Kooba, I won't buy anything but the already more vintage look.:cursing:
  10. Someone once called this bag "belt and pants" and now I can't think of anything else when I see it. I like the color, but that's about all.
  11. The Kooba spring line is incredible. Can't wait for the new bags to come out.
  12. I hope you're right because we've had a dry season as far as nice Kooba bags go.
  13. I believe Miss. Halzer said it looked like a pair of trousers. :lol: