Kooba Ada Woven Leather Tote

  1. I just received my Kooba ADA woven leather tote from Active Endeavours and I am in SO love with it!! :heart:

    It's so unique and it really makes a statement! Perhaps it's the 15 year old punk rock girl in me who likes the toughness of this bag. :supacool:
    You either love it or you hate it - and I'm definitely in the former category!

    However, one thing that suprised me is how HEAVY this bag is. Has anyone noticed this? or is this normal for Kooba? The Sienna is a little heavy, but not like the ADA! Jeez! It's like carrying a bag of rocks! (There was a comment about this purse looking like Joan of Arc which is more fitting than you could imagine!)

    I haven't even weighed it down with all my junk yet and I'm seriously concerned that I won't be able to carry it around all day. (I get very bad shoulder pain after holding a purse on my shoulder for a few hours. It starts out fine, but sometimes - whew!) I have another very heavy purse that I carry sometimes, and I'll beg my boyfriend to carry it when it gets to heavy. He'll take it on occasion if I'm really in rough shape - because it sort of looks like a bowling bag and he doesn't feel too emasculated, but I KNOW I'm gonna be on my own for this one. :roflmfao:

    This will definitely not be an everyday bag. :yes:
    Pretty yes - practical, no.
  2. I tried that bag at NM...it's Heavy !!!!It's way heavier than kooba sienna .I think because it has bigger metal studs and solid leather woven material..

    Congrats on your new bag..
  3. That bag is sweet ! Tres fabulous !
  4. wow! I bought the exactly the same one from them!!! Mine is arriving on Monday. It's in the UPS truck:P

    I'm kind of surprised that the bag is heavy... I wanted to use it when I go to the vacation to the beach...

    Is it beautiful in person though? I want to see mine soon!

    congrat on your Ada!
  5. It is absolutely gorgeous in person! You won't be disappointed. :girlsigh:
    I don't know about taking this baby to the beach though!
    It's much too sturdy and I couldn't stomach the idea of getting sand in all of its crevices! :wtf:
  6. I just sold my Black Leather Ada because it weighed 42 lbs empty!!! LOL I knew I was getting the smaller Ada in the Fall so I could easily depart with it. Beautiful bag tho.
    That's one thing about Kooba....most of them are weighty bags. That's why I have gone the route of the mid size bags with the Maria and Jessie and Keira.
  7. I am so glad for this post! I have been eyeing the Woven Ada for so long & but have been on the fence as to affording another bag- knowing it's SO heavy...now I can scratch it off my list- thanks! (it sure is beautiful, though)!!!
  8. It looks GREAT! I had no idea it was that heavy!!
  9. I just received my Ada yesterday and... yes, it is really heavy. I think it's a beautiful bag but I'm really thinking of returning or not. I don't know if I can carry around...

    jadejett, have you been using this bag? How is it? plz give me a comment!
  10. I have a black Ada with studs - love the bag, but yes, very heavy!