Koala Mono agenda - rose or orange interior?

  1. Called 866 Vuitton and they still have some Mono Koala Small Agenda in Rose and Orange interior - problem is I can't decide which one to get.

    I've looked at the Agenda club thread and they both look good to me. Any suggestions on which one to get ??

    Thanks in advance for your response :smile:
  2. I like the rose interior a lot better than the orange... it would match with a lot more things.
  3. I like Rose! I think it looks better.
  4. Definitely rose!!
  5. Rose, but I am biased because I own one with the Rose interior. It is sooo pretty.
  6. Thanks all for your suggestions..I think I'm going to sleep on it and decide tomorrow - I'm leaning toward the rose though...aahhh decision decisions!!!
  7. Orange! I dislike the Rose for some reason. Orange is so funky.
  8. between the 2, i would choose the mandarin color...would hide dirt better!
  9. Rose!! I got it almost 2 weeks ago & i love it.
  10. Rose...pink is so pretty :love:
  11. Rose! It's such a pretty color :tender:
  12. Rose! Just got the rose and love it! Pink is my favorite color :smile:
  13. I vote for pink!!!! Delicious!
  14. Rose!
  15. Rose!!! It is soooo pretty!