koala agenda pm and papillion 30

  1. Ok so this is only really my second thread and my last one got moved (sorry still figuring out how to post in tpf). But onto the real question.

    I am considering the koala agenda pm and was wondering if it would fit inside the papillion 30? I unfortunately have to order all cool fun things online as I live in the middle of nowhere (walmart is 'cool' shopping around here if you get the idea). I don't want to order it on eluxury and figure out it wont fit.

    Also what sized filofax pages would fit inside? I was on their website and I am now obsessed with all their organizer stuff.

    Any help would be appreciated.Thanks!
  2. i have the medium agenda and that fits in my Papillon 30
  3. Thanks so much... maybe I have been enabled again... oh well.

    :p Rebecca