Know what I love about this forum?

  1. If you buy even the tiniest Coach charm and post it here, you get about 12 congratulatory messages like you just adopted a baby or something.

  2. Well that's because we care! You can buy a pen for your agenda and at least you know someone out there thinks it's as important as you do!
  3. ^ ita!

    i've met some of the nicest online posters here. i love how everyone checks in often so we really get to know each other and there's always something for me to read or see.
  4. I know! I wasn't being sarcastic, I really do think it's awesome!
  5. It's great when you feel guilty about buying because everyone makes you feel so great about your purchase! I love that feeling! The people here rock.
  6. I truly love this forum - I swear, we have the nicest posters anywhere!

    GO US!!!
  7. Its a wonderful place to be!!!
  8. I agree. :smile: Everyone here is really nice and supportive of purchases and stuff.
  9. we're all just a bunch of enablers who get equally excited about a charm on eBay or a $800 limited edition bag! It's fun!
  10. aw. can you feel the love?

    you guys are the best. for serious.
  11. I love that there isn't the normal bickering that you find a lot on message boards. We are all so supportive and genuinely excited about our hobby.
  12. I just got a warm and fuzzy!
  13. yeah i love this forum too!
  14. I feel so welcome at this forum. Seriously, I love it here.
  15. me too :smile: adopt a baby had me cracking up!!:roflmfao: