kindly help

  1. sorry, posted on the wrong thread :shame:
  2. The first auction uses pics taken from eLuxury which would bother me. Also, nowhere in the auction does it state that it is authentic. The seller's past sales have always been new LV items with receipts and with photos stolen from eLuxury. I would stay away from this one.

    The second auction is by a seller with positive feedback from selling a few authentic LVs. The bag looks okay but the seller can't find the date code which is odd as the bag should have one. Some sellers who are not that familiar with LV may understand the date code as the serial number - ask the seller for the serial number. I would ask for photos of the LV trademark patch inside as well as photos of the hardware and bottom. Ask the seller when she bought the bag and if she still has the receipt. I believe the Triana is sold WITHOUT the strap, which must be purchased separately (call your local LV and ask). Ask the seller if the strap came with the bag or if it was purchased separately, and if it was, ask for a photo of the receipt.

    Good luck!