kinda upset..should I be?

  1. a friend of my husbands came up a few weeks ago and she had picked up a coach bag for me at the outlet she lives near, well I gave her the money for the purse and I also got her a little gift for doing was not the right bag so she said she would exchange it when she got home, she calls me the day she gets home and says hey it is cheaper than you thought so I will put money in bag when I mail it (I gave her money to overnight it and insur.) well that was 2 weeks ago and still no bag......I called monday and she said she will overnight it tuesday ...well skip a day for the 4th and still no bag....she said she waited because she thought I might come there for a concert but still ......should I be upset? I have been waiting for my new baby for 2 weeks....
  2. Be patient for a little while longer. You don't want to p*ss her off. Maybe invite her over for dinner for doing you a favor and she can bring the bag then?
  3. I am not the one to offer you advice, just thought I would give you some support. I have no patience. I spend a lot of time deciding what I want, therefore I have no patience to wait for the item I want to arrive. It would make it worse if I knew that someone had it and I was still waiting.:tdown: Although, it wouldn't be worth causing a rift in a friendship. She is doing you a favor, (even if she is being slow about it). Don't be too upset, just vent with us and share pic's when it arrives
  4. Some people, despite their best intentions, are slow in doing things. There could be many reasons for it. I know I'm like that. For some reason or another it can take me a while to do things, whether it be the bf's kids, or stormy weather, or other chores/errands that I need to run, etc.

    I'd be honest with her and tell her you just can't wait to get it, and you'd like to wear it as soon as possible, and ask her when she'll be able to actually mail it.
  5. I am trying to keep my But I cant really just say hey bring it over,she lives 5 hours away...I also have a hard time waiting for things...I think the thing that is bugging me is that I made a point of making sure I paid for OVERNIGHT shipping and it has been two weeks, but of course I would not hurt a friendship over a purse but I DO need to vent...I just really want my new is from a outlet,mini, sig. soho tote
  6. Yeah, patience is hard!! But you're right, it's not worth hurting a friendship over something like this. Soon, very soon you'll have your new baby!
  7. Oh, how frustrating! I am very impatient too so I know how you feel. When I want something I want it yesterday. LOL Keep your cool and let us know as soon as you get it!
  8. Ask her to email you a pic that you can drool over until your new girl arrives! Try to be patient and use tPF to vent.
  9. I think all you can do is wait.
    She does have it though, right?
    If not, then you could pitch a fit. ;D
  10. I am not very patient either. If she has it then I would try to be calm and wait. If she does not have it then I would be very mad.
  11. Count to 10
  12. People get busy, especially with a holiday week. I am thinking she INTENDED to send it but at the end of the day(s) she realizes she forgot. It sounds horrible, but I have a good friend in Iraq and I have a package to send to him, it has been ready for 5 days but I keep forgetting it because there is so much going on. I feel terrible, but know he knows that wether he gets it next week or the next, it is something I am doing for him. Kinda same situation just looking from the other side. I think all you need to do is call her and ask about it, I am sure a reminder will get it to you quickly.