Kimora & Djimon are the New Demi & Ashton

  1. Are Kimora, Djimon and Russell the new Demi, Ashton and Bruce?
    Most definitely yes!
    Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou were spotted lunching at the Ivy and shopping at Kitson on Saturday in Beverly Hills, Calif.
    Djimon wore one of the limited-edition, organic cotton T-shirts from Kimora’s ex-hubby-to-be Russell Simmons’s new clothing line, Atman! (Atman is a high end, boutique line entitled, signifying the “spirit of man” in Sanskrit.)
    We’ll soon see Kimora, Djimon, Russell and their daughters walking the red carpet together and posing for photographers just like Demi and Ashton in no time!
    djimon-hounsou-wearing-russell-simmons-clothing-brand-02.jpg djimon-hounsou-wearing-russell-simmons-clothing-brand-03.jpg djimon-hounsou-wearing-russell-simmons-clothing-brand-04.jpg djimon-hounsou-wearing-russell-simmons-clothing-brand-05.jpg djimon-hounsou-wearing-russell-simmons-clothing-brand-01.jpg
  2. She really annoys me. She will date any and everyone.
  3. I can't stand Kimora, but I love her LV collection!
  4. i love her closet!! :nuts:
  5. She has great legs!!!!
  6. She always looks so pleased with herself, with that fake smile and everything. :rolleyes: Like she has something to prove. :push:

    How tall is she btw? She looks like [SIZE=-1]6'1" - [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]6'2".[/SIZE]
  7. She's been married and dating Russell since she was like 17. Who else has she dated?
  8. I like her:tup:!
  9. Who is that guy???
  10. True. I like her. She is a bit over the top, but I think it's fab.
  11. She has? How so? Because as another poster has stated, I've only seen her linked to Russell previously, and she's been with him damn near her whole life. Then again I really have no frame of reference as I don't really "follow" celebrities...but even if she wanted to date every man she came into contact with: her business.

    I don't see why women continuously hate on other women who do their thing, have lots of fun, and can have any man they want. She's a gorgeous, successful, talented, down-to-earth wealthy businesswoman. She's accomplished more in her relatively short lifetime than most people will in sixty or seventy years, so she's earned the right to be "out there" and live her life and do as she pleases with any man she wants to do it with. I think that who she dates is her business. And I, for one, am happy for her. Successful men do the same crap all the time and nobody ever says "Boo" about it, and that gets old.

    So I'm curious...who all has she supposedly "dated"?
  12. oh my! I take it you like her~!! lol..I get your point. Again, who is the guy?
  13. ^^^ he's an academy award (oscar) nominated actor. Very talented. You might know him from Blood Diamond (Leonardo Dicaprio) or Constantine (Keanu Reeves) ?
  14. THanks Wordpast!! He STILL does not ring a bell for me...GAWD!
  15. Good for Kimora! She's fabulous and makes no apologies about it. I wish I had her mile-long legs!