KimmyG333 Collection

  1. [​IMG]So I am totally new here. I have actually been reading every day for the last two weeks. This is such an awesome site. Its really great to know theres other people as obsessed as I am out there!
    I am a 24 year old grad student so I can't really afford much. I got my first COACH last year for my birthday and then the rest of my collection i purchased in the last month.
    Lets see if I can figure out how to post my pictures. First picture has all my babies in it. My adorable baby Jasmine, who was so nice to model with the purses. I have 4 purses, one wallet, an eyeglasses case which i use for pencils, two bee keychains (I graduated from Georgia Tech), and i just bought the makeup case and I am about to get those sunglasses.
    PurseCollection.jpg cad0_1.JPG c6ad_1.JPG
  2. So cute!
  3. What a fun collection, and the cat is adorable :yes:
  4. I love your kitty!! And your purses of course :smile:
  5. Hi Kimmy and welcome! I love your Coach collection! You have some very pretty and feminine pieces. The bees are tooo cute! :nuts:Congrats and enjoy TPF.
  6. Nice collection!!
    Cute cat, and cute bees too!
  7. great collection!! love your cute. thanks for sharing.
  8. Cute collection and cat!
  9. Great collection! Love the bag that is next to your kitty!
  10. Thanks for all the comments guys! I am absolutely loving it here. Although, it definitely makes me want more!!!
  11. [​IMG][​IMG]Great collection!!!
  12. oops sorry!lovely!
  13. very nice :smile:
  14. cute purses! and your kitty is adorable!
  15. Lovely collection! Your cat is beautiful!