Kills The Deal! Handbag No No's!

  1. No Plastic Zippers!
    A plastic zipper on the inside pocket will kill the deal for me. Nope, don't want it, can't stand it! I guess no one would really know but me but...I wouldn't buy a bag with a plastic zipper. Do you have any pet peeves or is it just me?
  2. MUST HAVE POCKETS!!!!!!! I've been using my Bulga butterfly bag this week and I just love it except all it has is one tiny zipper pocket so I am always digging around trying to find ****.
  3. No white topstitching!
    Too much bling (i.e. appliques, tassels, grommets, studs, huge shiny hardware) or anything that looks like it once slithered around at "Reptile World" in Florida.
  4. I agree about the plastic zipper detail. I haven't ever noticed any bags however with plastic zippers. I do have bags that match the leather exterior though with leather zipper pulls which I don't care about. The thing about plastic is it would probably have paint chip off cheapening the bag. Now you make me want to check all my bags lol but for the prices I pay on bags, there better not be plastic cheap details on any of them.

    Also I do need good size zipper pockets. One inside is decent with a seperate cell pocket but the more pockets the merrier! Some bags I really have to fish through which is annoying.

    Also some bags have the one annoying handle that flops off! I sold one bag I never used because of that :graucho: It's just so annoying when the outer handle keeps flopping off every minute even though the bag itself is nice. I have kept one bag that does that but I barely wear it because of that...
  5. Giant logo on the outside of the bag.
  6. I don't think I ever noticed if any of my bags had a plastic zipper, huh. For me, no open tops, no dog-leash closures, no drawstrings, and I barely tolerate magnetic closures. It must have a zip top, because I know how I drive :p.
  7. So not down with the plastic zipper deal - as I learned the hard way (I didn't know it was plastic until it bloody broke!)!!! I am also not a huge fan of logos everywhere, or pleather. Tassles are ok, but no fringe (thank you anyways, heehee)... and back to zippers - giant zippers and their pulls?? All blah to me... gee that sounds snooty!! LOL!
  8. I won't buy a bag if:

    - there's no closure of any kind at the top
    - it's too much work to get in an out of the bag (drawstring, clasp, etc)
    - it's leather but has no lining
    - it's faux leather
    - metal accents/hardware are actually plastic
  9. - Uglyass monograms. I personally can't stand Gucci's and even Fendi's.
    - NYLON. Prada, please stop it. It looks so friggin cheap.
    - Frilly things hanging down like what Prada and Mui Mui have made. I hate that swamp monster look.
    - Overload of studs. Looks cheap and ghetto.
    - Heaviness. I like some L.A.M.B. bags, but they usually weigh more than the content I put into it.
  10. Fun thread! For me, no pleather, please! I also hate plastic zippers and too much bling.
  11. heehee! i totally agree about the Prada nylon. it reminds me of 80's Guess purses ;)
    For me, fringe-y tassles are definitely a dealbreaker and I haven't found a nice pleather, soooo no pleather and definitely, definitely no nylon...can't do it.
  12. Must have outside pockets and must be able to go on shoulder.
  13. 1. Real fur/exotics where the animal was killed just for its skin and/or particularly cruelly killed (same goes for all leathers for the last point). That pretty much just leaves me with fishskin and ostrich.

    2. Poor quality materials.

    3. Short shoulder strap.

    4. Cheap, tinny, looking hardware.

    5. Overly cumbersome hardware.

    6. Shoulder straps/handles attached with rings.

    7. Poor design in general (conflicting shapes, ugly colour combos etc.).

    8. Boring designs.

    9. Overly heavy and/or hard to hold.

    10. Monograms/most large logos.

    11. No lining.

    12. Nylon lining (practical as it is!).
  14. Pleather, nylon, logos, bling, "baby phat", drawstrings, and not coming with a dustbag!!
  15. Wow, I had no idea plastic zippers were so common! Do any of the more popular designers on tPF use plastic zippers? Which brands do?