Kids Shoes!! =D

  1. OMG i was at the SCP boutique on Wednesday and I was browsing shoes when I came across the kids version of the men's sneaks! OMG! :nuts: HOW FRICKIN ADORABLE ARE THEY!

    they have a pair on elux right now.. with the patented leather.. but the store had the suede and denim in pink, green and blue denim too.. omg sooooo cute! and they were "only" $280 a pair. seriously so ridiculous designer baby shoes cuz they outgrow them in like a month, but so adorable.


    i really think they're there for the collector factor than the actual use factor... like.. my friend that mods his car is a big Vans skate shoe fan, and he used to work at Vans so he got a pair of kids skate shoes that are practically baby versions of his shoes.. and he sticks them on his dash of his car (don't ask, it's a car thing.. we also tend to put mini versions of our own car in toy model form as well -- either / or! not both! lol) it's soooooo cute. i contemplated doing that too, but LV didn't have baby shoes at the time, and only Gucci had cute baby/kid sneaks.. but now LV does too! whee! haha. :yahoo:

    just had to share. haha.
  2. :nuts: It's sooo cute ,I like the idea of collecting it too ,thanks for sharing!:smile:
  3. I saw those in the Catalogue and I was soooo tempted to get them for my dds for about 4 seconds. :lol:
  4. I think they're so cute, I saw them last night on elux :biggrin:
  5. cutest thing i ever seen. Thanks for posting Frozen, i think it's a fun idea to collect them....
  6. I saw those at the SF LV. They are so cute! :yes:
  7. The school where I worked. A mom always had a new LV bag with scarves and matching wallets. But what was crazy was her five year old had at least one pair of LV shoes. The denim sneakers.

    But I do love the ones up above but with the Velcro. I almost asked if they made them in my size lol.
  8. OMG this is gorgeous!!!
  9. Those are adorable!!
  10. Those are really cute..they always have the blue denim ones in my store. Makes me want to get a pair and put them in a frame on the wall as art, they're just so adorable. :smile:
  11. Oooh! my cat would love to wear that! but I bet he'll prefer the scarf better! haha
    PS: I don't have kids....yet....I'm 19 lol
  12. Aww.. they're soooo cute !

    I'd rather buy shoes for myself though, hehe.
  13. I saw them in the store and they are soo cute. However I can't see myself buying my kid a pair of shoes that they are going to wear once and grow out of. However if I had Oprah dough, I'd buy 30 of those suckers for my kids (when I had them).