Khaki question--who loves the color??

  1. This is sort of related to my GST in khaki below, so maybe I should consolidate, but I am still on the hunt for a brown Chanel. I think the khaki falls under that broad category for me, although I also love a rich chocolate brown. Who loves the khaki and do you think it has staying power?

    Then--what all bags come in the color? The Cotton Club has started growing on me because I need a tote, but now that I like it, I probably can't find it. Maybe if I hold out until Fall there will be more brown selections?
  2. i think you can still find the cotton club in khaki.
    i just got mine last night, i'll post pics later for you to see. it is really more gold to me. beautiful, but nothing close to choc brown.
    have you seen roey's vintage ligne tote in brown--also not choc, but at least brown and stunning!
    i think the diamond stitch also came in brown, but not sure if any are still available.
    i'm sorry i was not very helpful, but i came to chanel bc i had enough brown bags (read: LV) :p and needed something different, so that's not bene my focus while here.
    good luck!
  3. I like the khaki as it is more casual to me and is unusual. However i think you would use a chocolate brown more so would continue searching. I have the chocolate Cambon Reporter and it is so dark and rich and goes with most items in my wardrobe. Khaki would be more limiting so get the choco first. Then proceed to the Khaki.

  4. I love the Khaki, and with the help of a lovely PF member, was able to score the cloudy bundle drawstring tote in Khaki, can't wait until it arrives.
  5. I saw some caviar flaps in a great dark brown.
  6. I like the khaki. I think it has a more rugged feel to it, more of a dress-down casual color. Chocolate Brown is definitely beautiful too, but has a more conservative refined feel IMO.
  7. That's awesome Michele! You are going to LOVE the Cloudy Bundle; it is such an easy tote to carry and so luxuriously soft, yet durable. Did you get the n/s version or the e/w?

    Oh, and to answer the OP about khaki, there are various shades of khaki in Chanel. The khaki baby Cabas is more like a brownish bronze. There is no green or gold undertone.
  8. Oooooo......where?:graucho:
  9. Roey, I had to have this bag after seeing yours. :heart: I was trying to resist, but decided to go for it. It's the smaller drawstring tote, with the CC's dangling from it. I am guessing I am getting the n/s version, but not sure. What's the difference?

    The SA is holding/not ringing up the bag until next week because Saks is having that promotion (EGC Event) next Thursday, in which if you spend over $2,000, you get $300.00 off.
  10. OT: congrats to you michele! what a lovely bag. can't wait to see it.:yes:
  11. Thanks Mick, I will post a picture as soon as it arrives!!!
  12. leem, what kind of brown chanel bag are u after? if you're after a rich, dark chocolate brown, then you should consider looking at the mademoiselle range, i just bought a mademoiselle flap in a very yummy dark choc shade.

    and Michele! cant wait to see your new cloudy bundle, i really like that bag! congrats :biggrin:
  13. Michele, there are two tote versions of the Cloudy Bundle - the n/s which is long like mine, and the e/w which is shorter and wider. The e/w is the smaller version. There are pics of both in the reference thread. The n/s retails for $2295 and the e/w for $2195. I think all department stores are sold out of the n/s tote.

    Chanel calls the khaki color "beige" and the color I have "white" - which is not white at all but more like a light champagne/khaki tone. I will look forward to seeing your pics!
  14. Thanks Roey, than I ordered the E/W, but I wanted the N/S, so let me see if I like it, it may go back.

    P.S. Thanks Nightshade!!
  15. ^^ i hope you like it. i think both styles are so pretty and it looks so comfy too....i'm going to check out the ref library now to :drool: !