Khaki coco cabas owners~~

  1. :smile: I'm still waiting for my khaki coco cabas... but just wondering for those of you who have the khaki coco cabas, are there any problems with it? Peeling or will the metallics rub off easily? Thanks!
  2. I think there are threads about specific issues, but mine's perfect. Granted, it's pretty new.
  3. ^^^ Ditto. Mine is too, but I just got her! :nuts: :yahoo:
  4. Mine arrived yesterday and I can't find anything wrong with it upon initial inspection. I haven't used it yet though...
  5. I've only used mine a few times so too early to tell. I hope it holds up well. I really love it!
  6. Okay, so I just put my name on the wait list for the coco cabas. I was hoping you gals can help me answer some questions since the SA at NM was totally oblivious to my questions. I wanted the baby cabas and the sales associate had no idea what I was talking about. Instead, she said that NM will only be caring the medium and large size. Since the catalog doesn't have dimensions, I had no idea which one I should place my name for and I went by price, which was $1,795. Did I put my name on the right list??? frustrating to have unhelpful SAs.
  7. Ugh, ladies I hate you all (I say this with love)!!! I want a khaki coco cabas! :love:
  8. No Jen, you want a Cloudy Bundle! I want to sleep with this bag, LOL!
  9. Hehe I made the same mistake. It's not called the baby anywhere but here! I think it's just the medium size.
  10. yes, $1795 is the baby, so you got the right bag. the term baby cabas is a term we use here, that's why the SA has no idea about it. But $1795 is the one, good luck!
  11. Thanks Nerdphanie. How frustrating...I can't decide between the khaki or black. DH didn't like the khaki so I put my name for the black one. *sniff* It's hard to decide which one to get if you can't see them. That and I was worried that the khaki would peel. No one seems to have that problem yet though.
  12. ^^ me too!!!
    I couldn't decide between khaki or black.... my bf doesn't like the black, so I think I'll get the khaki~ However, still worrying about the peeling, since I think all metallic bags are pretty easy to rub off.
  13. Well, I'm glad that someone else has the same dilemma. :smile: Every picture I've seen of the khaki is a little different so I can't really tell how it would look IRL. But I asked the sales associate and she pointed me to another khaki bag but I didn't really like it. Now, every time I see someone's khaki cabas pic, it makes me regret that I'm on the list for a black one. :sad:
  14. ^^ Oh~~ REALLY??
    I thought the black one looks nice too....
  15. ^^ Maybe it's because I have so many black bags? I have six black purses and two brown ones...hmm...I need some variation. Oh well, let's hope that I like the black one since I'm on the list. *cross my fingers* :smile: Or maybe it's because metallic bags are in now so I want one? Argh...I hate it that I'm so indecisive. I'm thinking that I should go to other NMs to put my name on the waiting list as well. LOL