Keychains how to tell they are real?

  1. I was looking on eBay at the coach keychains so i can check out all the variety of styles but i have no clue on how to tell if they are real or fakes?

    any ideas?:crybaby:
  2. Honestly, just post the links/pictures in the Authenticate This! part of the Coach forum and we'll all help. It's hard to tell by yourself sometimes.
  3. yeah watch out al ot of the ones on eBay are soo fake looking
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  5. Yea, that's why don't risk it. I think its better to drive yourself or make some drive you up to a outlet or mall or coach boutique to get the keychain. Some many fakes out there these days, its becoming harder and harder to distinguish the difference of the fakes from real bags.
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    The best way I know how is by looking at the tag. The tag on the fake ones have an odd font and just an odd enamel to it. But alatrop is right, there are so many fakes and it's hard to tell sometimes, that you are best just going to the authenticate this thread when you are interested in a keychain. Good luck!
  7. wow i did not know there were fake keychains made wow and like i do not really understand y anyone would buy fake anyway but a key chain they r not that terriblly expensive but now i am seeing fake wristlets galore so wow ....
  8. Look at the lozenge. It should be flat. Also Coach has not done any Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, or any other licensed character keychains. Most of what you see on eBay is fake keychain crap - unfortunately I know from experience before I became active on tPF. One girl actually claimed to have worked at Coach as a SA. Funny she didn't know what fake crap she was selling. :rolleyes:
  9. I was just thinking this same question last night because I was looking at initial charms on ebay. I went to an outlet a few weeks ago but they only had one of my son's initials. I didn't want to just buy one kid and not the other so I bought none. Now I've looked on ebay and I found both kids initials but I'm so afraid of buying a fake. And, they're a lot more expensive on ebay. In the outlet they were $9.99. On ebay most of them are twice that.
  10. I would have to say DONT buy keychains on ebay b/c 99% of them are real. I am reallllly good at spotting fakes but I was tricked last year when I bought the "rainy day" keyfob on ebay after being unable to find it in the stores. Well when I got it it was an obvious fake! I was reallly pissed and i got the seller to give me my $ back but a lot of people arent that lucky. I would just leave keychain buying to the stores. If you absolutely must get one on ebay I would check the seller's feedback (although a lot of people are fooled by fakes and might leave great feedback b/c they dont know they bought a fake) and also look at what else the seller is selling. If they are selling bags that you can tell are real, chances are the keychains are probably real too. But if they have bags up for sale that are obvious fakes or something like that I would STAY AWAY! HTH

  11. oops i mean 99% of them are NOT real! :s
  12. i saw some coach hello kitty keychains i was like wow.. i would just take the coach wannabe tag off and use it as a hello kitty keychain.. hehe

    now scarfs.. i have a fake one.. i know its fake.. the coach name on it says "Coach" and not "COACH" the C's are pretty close. i want to buy a real one but while looking on ebay.. its hard to tell.. the outlet said they are priced 39-49.. do they ever go any lower than that?
  13. I've seen them from time to time for 29 and then 20% off of that but most of the ones I've liked are in the price range you posted.
  14. just buy them from the store save yourself the hassle....
  15. ITA regarding buying it at the outlets to save yourself the hassle, but i know how hard that can be if you don't live anywhere near an outlet. the best tips i can give you other than posting it to be authenticated here on TPF would be to keep an eye out on what's ACTUALLY in the outlets right now. lots of girls post about their outlet hauls, and inevitably we get suckered into buying the keychains so you're bound to see people post pictures of their most recent keychain purchases. (they HAVE to put the keychains RIGHT by the registers for a reason right?! "Yay ringing up my purchases...oh look at this it's so cute! only $16?! to buy or not to buy...oh what the hell *grabs 2*").

    not that this is a guarantee, but it makes more sense that sellers would be selling more current items. but like i said: this does NOT NOT NOT mean it's necessarily authentic.