Key west

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  1. I'm going to be in key west in a couple of weeks. It seems there is a coach outlet there? True? Anyone been there and have any opinions or advice?
  2. Hi, Yes, It's on the main drag in old town Key West on Duval St. If you are at the far end of Duval (where Mallory Square is) and walk up Duval St. its about 5-6 blocks up on the left side.....keep walking past all the bars and you'll come to an area that has more shops vs. bars, its near the bath and bodyworks store and across from the La Concha hotel. We have a timeshare in Key West and try to go there every year.
    It's not a huge outlet, but I've found a few good things (I only really look for deletes/transfers from the FP stores) there over the years.... They sometimes have offbeat things I'd never seen at my "home' outlet. Enjoy Key West!!!!
  3. You should also stop at the one in Florida City since your going to be passing right by there. I have found good things there from time to time. It is sort of out of the way and probably doesn't get as much traffic as other Florida outlets so I think that's why they sometimes have good stuff still left.

    I had no idea they had one all the way in Key West. Good to know.