Key wallets or keychains

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  1. I think it's time to replace my Coach keychain. I would like to hear any recommendations on H key wallets or keychains that you all have. I would love to see some pictures. TIA!
  2. I don't have a Hermes keywallet but I do have a 2006 keychain in silver with a bird on it.

    The Carmen is also a beautiful keyring.
  3. I like the Carmen too - I'm hoping it shows back up on soon... I believe there is a picture of it in another thread... might try a search on "carmen"?

  4. Is this it?
  5. Yes that's the carmen..I have it in fuschia! It's very easy to reach in my bag and feel for it lol....
  6. I have the carmen and I think it's not only very nice looking but very easy to reach in my bag since I can feel the soft lambskin tentacles
  7. I have the Dogon key wallet and I love it! I've had it for about three years and it is the most functional little thingy I own. In the attached pic, it is the green small wallet with the chunky black Saab key hanging from it. It is kind of like the Louis Vuitton pochette cles but bigger and more useful. HTH!!
  8. Hmm, that pic was very small. Here are bigger pix....
    insidetheBolide.jpg Vertanisdogonkeywallet.jpg
  9. I was looking at a Bi color Dogon key wallet at H yesterday. So cute! It was about $580. :flowers:
  10. Thank you Ninja Sue for the pictures of the Dogon key wallet and also clocharddeluxe for the link to the Carmen. Thanks also to the rest of you for your comments.

    I already have a Dogon wallet which I really like so I'm sure I would like the key wallet. NS, how many keys does it hold and does it have any pockets for credit cards etc?

    I like the idea of the Carmen too because just as TT mentioned, you could just reach in your bag anf feel the soft lambskin and know those are your keys.

    Are those the only two key holders from H that we know of?
  11. In Search Of-
    I have a key wallet as well that has 4 key slots (that can easily fit 2 keys per each ring) I happen to really like this key wallet:yes: :yes: :yes: and find it to be very easy to use (not to mention i love the color!!!!!:graucho: :graucho: )
  12. shoe gal, thanks for all the lovely pictures. i nearly fell over when i saw the last one of your bag and your Bearn wallets. Gorgeous!!!
    would you mind telling me the price of the key wallet?
  13. ISO, I don't put my keys in the little wallet part. I hang my car key only from the keychain part. In the wallet section, I keep my DL, insurance ID card, registration, debit card, AmEx, bills and coins. If I'm running out to do a quick errand (driving, of course, as I live in the burbs) I only take my Dogon key wallet. I also have a Dogon compact wallet (the vermillon wallet in my Bolde pic) and love them both!

  14. Mine cost $720.00 and that was about a month ago.