Key Rings and Charms

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  1. I was wondering what you all do with the Keyrings - Obviously, they can be used as a keychain, but how many of you do that vs. hanging them from your bag. For example, I have the apple one I use for my keys. I have a few others - owl, fish etc. I'm afraid to use them for my keys - won't they get ruined or wear out quickly?:s The owl has brass hardware, so that can be hung from my bag, but many of the others have silver and don't match the brass hardware on most of the bags. Oh, and the charms - they are all with silver hardware too. I really want a few of them, but don't know how to use them. They ones I do have look really cute sitting in my drawer, but they need to come out to play, lol.
  2. I know your dilemma! I love gold hardware, but the charms are silver and I don't like mixing them..or else I would have gotten the charms R, T, clover and $ sign! I wouldn't worry too much about the key charms for your keys though.
  3. I have 2 keyrings - one I use as my keychain and the other I hang off one of my bags as a charm. I personally don't get real hung up on the hardware not matching (but I'm like that with my jewelry too - my wedding ring is actually two-toned).

    The one I use for my keychain has taken a bit of a beating, but I'm not careful with it at all. It doesn't look horrible though, just more worn. My charms I actually move from bag to bag (again, I don't mind the silver/brass thing) and have them clipped onto each other. They haven't shown any wear whatsoever.
  4. on my keys right now i have a LV mono cles and the coach butterfly key ring. it's really not that noticeable the difference between the silver/gold...i mean, my keys are both silver and gold so ya know, whatever.

    let me take a pic of the keys and show you how they look, but no, surprisingly my key ring hasn't tarnished (*knock on wood*). i got it last christmas.

    i do have the STAR charm, and I hang that from my school bag or my signature satchel.

    BRB with a pic.
  5. i took this with my sk3...


  6. Thanks, Blackbutterfly for posting the pics. It looks great! I have that LV too (an OLD one from 15 years ago I hardly use) You've inspired me!

    Maybe more people could post some pictures of their keyring/charm combos with their bags, keys, etc. That would be great!!!
  7. the star on the coach transatlantic messenger:

  8. Here's a pic of my legacy bag w/my charms on it.

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  9. I have about 4 keyfobs & 1 charm. I use them all on my bags. I'm too afraid of using them on my keys, I wouldn't want to ruin them. And nobobdy usually sees the things dangling off my keys b/c they are inside my bag.
  10. Kels, I do the same thing! My keys are attached to my LV Damier cles, and on that ring I have the Coach keyring with the little flowers.
  11. Here's my Legacy shoulder bag with my owl and brown sig photo keyrings. I found a little brass-coloured clip that I've attached them to so that I can move them between bags easily. I don't use these ones on my keys because I'm always dropping my keys in puddles, etc! I have a pink photo keyring that I used to use on my keys but it's gotten pretty trashed so I took it off.

    I don't usually buy the charms because they just seem too expensive. I'd love a letter one but for almost the same amount, I figure I could get another mini-skinny. Actually, I almost bought a Scorpio charm (it's my son's sign) but I didn't like the colour of I got the brown sig photo keyring instead and put his picture in it.

    Legacy with keyrings.jpg
  12. I love the owl!! That looks so cute with the bag. I purchased the monkey, the sun, moon, and the "R". I get to pick them up today alonge with my other loot. I can't wait.
  13. I put it on my keys
  14. I hang one on my bag and one my little white coin purse/wallet.
  15. Here's a coach phone charm on the new gallery tote. My new phone had no place for a charm, and the mink pom pom has held up really well. I just couldn't put it in a drawer. So new purse, old charm - that must be lucky, right?

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