Key Holder Search Mission Failed....but Trevi GM got a new friend ^_^

  1. Just as expected, the key holder search didn't work out for me, partially b/c SA kept looking at the watch for her lunch time. After tried on all the cles & key holders in the world-mono/mc/vernis 4 keys, vernis pochette plate, round coin change, denim/mono cles, only the 6 rings holder *seems* to able hold the chubby car key, though I didn't try to hook car keys on it by the look of SA lol.
    T&B complice key & change holder, rabat (sp?), wapity, and MC pochette mm are too big for my needs. Will try the 6 ring epi when the promgrante comes out:sad:
    Good thing I didn't keep my hope high, other wise I'd super bumped now. Of course some retail therapy helped too lol.

    Took ages to track down Trevi GM's friend, even though she is a display, still think it make Trevi look 10 years younger :lol:. Just the material reminds me of those wands used to clean inside of baby bottles...:sweatdrop: Also picked up my first Burberry 'bag', as part of furstraion relieve from LV experience:shame:

    Sorry about the dark ugly pix, it 1 AM here:p
    Trevi and bear hand.JPG Trevi and bear shoulder.JPG Burberry hand.JPG

  2. And some close ups....
    Treve bear front.JPG Trevi bear back.JPG Burberry full.JPG
  3. ^^ congrats .. the bear is SO cute ... does it have a name??? I really like your trevi too:love:
  4. Thank you~ The bear is from Prada's Trick's line, I just call it teddy bear keychain and SA understood. More info can be view on>Gifts->England. Though their SA are super #$^?(#&$% IMO
  5. Wow, that Trevi GM looks fab. I thought it was huge, but it fits you perfectely! Not too big at all!:tup:
  6. Congrats, the prada bear looks awesome!

    Prada has some great tricks that really work as bag charms! :tup:
  7. i like it. bear is cute and trevi looks fab.
  8. Congrats..nice purchases!
  9. That Prada bears are all nice. Congrats!!
  10. Congratulations! The little bear is so cute.
  11. Ohh.. Is that the LV snow globe that I spot :nuts: The teddy is so cute, and the Burberry is so chic :nuts: Congrats :yahoo:
  12. Congratulations i love them all.
  13. The Trevi is so gorgeous....congrats!
  14. Aw, such a cute cute bear. :love: Gorgeous Trevi.
  15. Hey Cute get up !
    I still think you should look on for that key holder in monogram mat.