Key Fobs --> Charms? Is it possible?

  1. I have a bunch of different key fobs that I love to use on my bags, but they are always a pain to use. I can't get the rings open without breaking all of my nails off, so I attach one of those ball and hook keychains to it (like in the first pic). It looks okay if it's a simple bag, but for my Coach bags that have a lot of hardware on them and already one of the ball chains with a Coach tag on it, it's too overwhelming and bothers me. I tried taking the key ring off and just using the ball chain, but didn't like that either. I really wish I could get some of the little dogleash clips like on the charms or something similar, but I don't know where to look. I looked on ebay and the only ones I found were too big and I don't know how I'd get it on there because there wasn't an opening or anything.

    I know I'm being overly anal here :rolleyes: :shame: but does anyone have any suggestions?
    agenda6.jpg 92033_SVGD_d2.jpg 8047_SV2M_d2.jpg
  2. Those dogleash clips are actually called swivel snaps. Here's a place to get them and it looks like there are some small ones:
    Buy Swivel Snaps & Save at

    As for getting them on there, you could always attach another really small ring between your charm/fob and the swivel. Just an idea...
  3. Ragshop or Michaels
  4. Or what I did was find a really cheap clasp on a keychain already and then took it apart.
  5. My only qualm is it looking like a fake, which is why I haven't done it yet. I really wish coach came out with some brass hardware charms!!!!!
  6. I would love brass charms too. You can even go to a hardware store they may have something you can use.

    When I take them on and off I split the ring with a knife. You just have to becareful not to split the ring permanently.
  7. ^^I don't trust myself with a knife LOL, so I stick with a pen. But if I didn't get so frustrated with the ring I would try the knife, same concept. just one is aarti proof and the other isn't
  8. That's why I didn't want to do Ragshop or Miachel's ... it seems like anything metal I buy there looks cheap. :biggrin:

    mokoni, thanks for the link! I think I am going to order some and try it on my least liked ones first. In case I mess it up. :shame:
  9. ^^Good luck with that! I would love to do that with the westie fob. Yes they do look rather cheap, probably why I too veered away from them. With all this brass stuff COACH really needs to get on its own bandwagon and create some lovely brass charms for us!
  10. ITA -- I'm always snarking at the Coach SAs that Coach needs to put those dogleash clips on all their key fobs so they can double as charms (or at least be able to hook on the nice D rings inside their bags, darn it!). They had one on the lilac mini-change purse key fob this summer, and that (plus the color) was a big reason why I bought it, and I told the SA so when I did. If they had the clip rings like an LV cles, I would buy so many more of their key fobs. I hate those finger busting circles.