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Sep 13, 2005

Since it is Friday, why not add a little fun. When I say fun, I mean making fun of K-Fed. Yes- that picture is awful. Does he think he is hot? Does he think that pose will make us want him?? If you have decided to be lazy today and not go work out, you can listen to this song and laugh about 156,983,109 calories off. Is he kidding?? So for your hearing horrors of the week, listen to K-Fed's rap here. Don't tell me I didn't warn you that it is awful.

I should be sayin' keep
My damn name outcha mouth
But y'all keep increasin' my change amount
So, go ahead and say whatcha wanna
I'm gonna sell about 2 mil
Uh, then I'm goner, uh
I know y'all wishin' you was in my position
Cause I keep gettin' into situations
That you wish you was in, cousin
I'm not your brother, I'm not your uncle, I'm Daddy do
Steppin' in this game and y'all ain't got a clue
My prediction is that y'all are gonna hate
On the style we create, straight 2008
But I know that you really can't wait
Because people always askin' me
When's the release date?
Well maybe, baby, you could wait and see
Until then all these <strong>Pavarattis</strong> followin' me
Gettin' anxious? Go take a peek
I'm starrin' in your magazines
Now every day and week
Back then, they call me K-fed
But you can call me Daddy instead
Back then, they call me K-fed
But you can call ...

FYI K-Fed... Pavarattis does not mean Paparazzi. Pavarotti is a famous Oprah singer. Nice try at making a new cool word though.

:lol: An eminen clone...hahhaha, but this was is worse...haha...What is he going to rap about? Cheeto stains, and having to live on a 10000 monthly hubbie