Kerrie Espadrilles at TJ Maxx

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  1. I stopped by my TJ Maxx yesterday and saw the first Coach shoes I've ever seen there! They had about 8 pairs of the Kerrie's - had them displayed in the handbag area. Unfortunately they were all small sizes - 6's and 7's mostly - if they would have had 10's I would have grabbed them. Sorry, I can't for the life of me remember how much they were.
  2. $70 at my store :smile: I didnt get them though- didnt quite float my boat
  3. My TJ's had one pair of the Mayra wedges, for $159. Too big for me but gorgeous shoes!
  4. THey had the Jilly flats at my store. Size 10 and 5.5!!! I am a 8.5! Oh well! (btw, my store is Marshalls)
  5. Ah, bummer - I'm a 10 and wanted those Jilly flats - my Marshalls got them in for their grand opening, but they sold out the 10's before I got there.