KENZOKI- skincare

  1. I am in LOVE with Kenzos Kenzoki skincare line! "Skincare that makes you feel good"- apprently.

    Energising Bamboo Leaf, Euphoric Ginger Flower, Relaxing White Lotus and Sensual Rice Steam.

    Everythings really light and fresh, not at all heavy. The face line is amazing for younger skins, Ice cold eye cream and Relaxing eye whipped cream are amazing! Also Melts on contact face cream is such a fantasic product.

    All the products smell amazing and are cooling and relaxing.

    Go to KENZOKI*:*skincare that makes you feel good for more info. I'm going to end up buying the whole line! Just ordered the Milky rice body scrub. Mmmmm :tender:

  2. OMG!!!! I LOVE Kenzoki!!!!

    Sooooo MAD when Sephora in Canada stopped carrying it.. and I have no idea where to buy it now...

    hopefully the website link you provided will help me out!! THANKS for posting!!!

    edit: oh boo... they don't sell in Canada. Man... this means I gotta STOCK UP HUGE whenever I go to Hong Kong or to the States! My personal fave is their cosmic cosmetic cream (funny name, but it's actually a night cream and I LOVE it!)
  3. They don't stock in the UK either. I buy it when I go abroad, ie France and Spain.