Kenneth Cole shoes?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Have any of you worn Kenneth Cole shoes from the main collection not the Reaction line? The store in NYC has a pretty great selection @ 40% off but I've never worn a pair and my feet are really sensitive.

    I normally go between Louboutins, Zanottis, Prada Sport and Nike. My shoe brands don't really vary unfortunately.

    I need 2 pairs of everyday work pumps-tan and black.
    Any and all help appreciated :flowers:
  2. hi, sorry i can't help you with kenneth cole shoes. i've never worn them- but my hubby owns a bunch and loves them. also, i think they have a good return policy so if they end up killing your feet, you can trade them in for more louboutins!
  3. ^^^^ I agree. I love the mens line. I don't have anything from the women's line though.
  4. I have some Kenneth Coles. I really like them!
  5. I am SINCERELY apologizing in advance for my rant -- I've spent too much money on many pairs of full price and sale Kenneth Cole non-reaction shoes over the past few years. However, I have gotten to the point where I joke that Kenneth Cole is dead to me and I won't buy any more pairs of his shoes -- no matter how tempted. :rant::hysteric::rant:

    As just some of the mishaps I have had with his shoes: One pair of patent pumps from 2 years ago had the heel fall off after wearing them 3 times. :censor: Another pair of pointy kitten heels from last summer had embossed leather that disappeared in splotches after a few weeks. :Push: Another pair of embossed pointy black pumps from last summer were comfy in the store and the first time I wore them ... until they transformed into deadly vices that seared my poor feet each and every time I tried to wear them (even with an arsenal of inserts, padding, band-aids, stretching, etc.). :death: Also, the leather on a pair of espadrilles from last summer stretched far too much, making the shoe too big and unwearable.

    Needless to say, my closet has now become a virtual mausoleum of Kenneth Cole shoes. I just don't trust the quality or comfort of his shoes anymore, especially in light of the higher prices he's demanding for his fall shoes.
  6. I have around 12 pairs of Kenneth Coles and I Looooove them all. I have sandals, pumps, heels, flats from their collection and they are sooooo comfortable. They hug your feet and that's what they are known for. I would definitely go for them.