Kelly Troika

  1. My heart missed a beat when I saw this on eBay. It looks so luscious! Has anyone seen it in store yet?
  2. I don't understand what it is... Can you explain? It's two types of leathers right? Although if it's named troika it should be 3? :p
  3. It's troika ( a fur) and leather combo. Really lovely, I've seen it in a blonde/black combo in a HAC....stunning!
  4. I love, love, love, love, love this!!!!!!!!
  5. ....did I MENTION how much I love this????????????
  6. What do you think of troika, D? Do you love it?
  7. I freaking LOVE it.
  8. me too.
  9. Wow- that thing is absolutely gorgeous! Is this a new thing or has it been around for a while with just a limited production run?
  10. It was offered at the July 07 podium, but is only just reaching stores, now.
  11. The fur, the fur! I'd love to have it to stroke everyday... LOL
  12. OMG, S'mom, I freaking LOVE it TOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!:heart:
    Vinlynus, thanks for posting this beauty!!! I want to see more, MORE ,MORE!!!!!!!:drool::drool::drool:
  13. would it work as your grab-and-go everyday bag?
  14. When my SA offered it to me she said it was ponyhair. I wasn't interested due to wear and tear and never inquired further. I do love the trim in the Le Monde, though....But my question is whether it is fur or ponyhair --- Thanks!
  15. Lovely Kelly!! :smile: