Kelly -- shoulder strap ring or not?

  1. What's your preference? I think I'd leave the shoulder strap on the bag most of the time... but I would love the "classic" style because it is classic!
  2. beau, my preference is 'NOT"! I've even asked to order a Kelly with single rings, next podium!
  3. I think it depends on the colour, leather
  4. :yes: i just love the single loops
  5. The single loops are more elegant in my opinion.
  6. I would prefer single in general, since I don't use the shoulder strap anyway (it's too narrow for me and it flaps the bag around on my body). But that might be because I've never had a retourne Kelly. I don't mind the double loops at all on a retourne, in terms of look, and I think if I had one of them I might actually use the shoulder strap.
    So I guess my answer is: it depends.
  7. I much prefer single loops; I have just received my SO Box Kelly, and that has the double loops, I didn't know one could ask for the single ones.....
  8. I totally prefer the single loops. The extra loop looks nutty to me.
    This was discussed here months ago and someone thought H was going to return to the single loop.
  9. Mine has the double loops because it is a more recent version but I definitely prefer the single loop.
  10. Hmmm....I wonder if I could have it changed to a single at Hermes. It doesn't seem like a difficult fix. Has anyone tried this?
  11. I think it would be quite labor intensive and expensive. Look at your bag and all the stitching that would have to be taken out and redone. The lining of the flap would even have to be restitched. And I am betting unless you have some kind of pull with H, they would tell you they will not do it.
  12. Ditto, cheeky girls think alike. :tup:
  13. I prefer the single loop because that's all I see in the vintage photos of Grace Kelly and others.
  14. i like the double loops, but i always have my strap attached to my kelly -- and it doesn't hang properly with the single loop.
  15. Oh geez...just called Hermes and they told me my Kelly has double loops...oh well!