Kelly Porosus sellier marine 32"

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  1. I am so waiting for the so black kelly but probably no chance of getting. I have been wanting a BBK but of course like another other kelly/birkins, it is very hard to get. Today I happen to go pass the H store and they were checking this Kelly Porosus sellier marine 32" and it's available. They say it's very rare to have one and not reserved. I need some advice as it is 3 times more than what I want to spend but of course I don't mind having one but need to starve for the next 5 years... Help!! Help!!!
    Many Thanks.
  2. Oh gosh. I think the question is whether a croc Kelly can fit your lifestyle, and if you will use it. There really isn't much fun acquiring an exotic if you leave it in your wardrobe.

    Note too that for the So Black Kelly, it's a Retourne. This croc Kelly you're asking about, is a Sellier. 2 very different looks and different skins (which you already know)
  3. I passed on a so black kelly since it's introduction .. and ITA w/ mrssparkles on the looks ..
    But don't give up hope if it's the SO black you really want :love:
  4. thanks Mrs Sparkles, I know from being here that you're an expert with anything H. I am serious about the croc is because I don't want to miss out this chance (like everybody) I already have a black 35: togo birkin and a etoupe long birkin, that's why I am thinking about a kelly. Exotic skin is so elegant and I am hoping that I have something very very nice to use when I go out to nice places... and to grow old with...

    what is your opinion with the sellier vs retourne?

    Thanks again
  5. I'd jump on the bandwagon if I can afford the porosus Kelly. The colour is hard to come by and it's a neutral to me, which can goes with jeans to rather formal wear. As for using it from day to day, it shouldn't be too big a problem as I have seen ladies using sellier casually with the shoulder strap. What you need to ask yourself is does the bag sing to you. Good luck with your decision but I'll say go for it!
  6. hey luvbirkin
    so you ladies think that the sellier is more elegant then the retourne? The colour is a deep dark blue black and is a shiny croc with PHW. It does sing coz I've never really looked at crocs before or seen one in H stores.

    I've only got until 1700 to go and get it... sigh.. wish they can hold for one more day so I can have a clear head... instead of jumping in just because it's hard to come across.
  7. If I were you, I think I'd get the porosus... You probably won't get this chance again and since you already have 2 black bags, I say go for the croc!!!! :smile::smile::smile:
  8. Go for the croc if you an afford it because you will love it! I was very scared when I got my first croc bag but after a while you'll want to carry it everywhere.
  9. Only buy if you really love it, H is to expensive to buy just to have something, also if it fits into your lifestyle, this is what i am trying to do when making decisions, look forward to hearing what you decide to do good luck
  10. #10 Sep 22, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
    :smile: Usually sellier is more "formal" and hence looks more elegant due to its structure. But nowadays people are rather good at dressing up or down with exotic bags.

    As you have already black bag(s) then marine will be a good alternative!

    I remember that a matte black and my matte indigo were placed in front of me, side by side. I did have a few days to consider both, and I've gone through my wardrobe mentally and thought about the possible occasions that I can wear the bag. Guess that helped me a lot.

    Btw I was lukcy enough to have seen a shiny marine nilo IRL. The colour is exquisite and quotating a fellower tPFer, it spells "understated luxury". I might just grab it if I haven't met my indigo baby first. :graucho:

  11. Belly if this is a bag that sings to you go for it!
  12. Belly, thanks but I don't profess to be an expert. There are so many H ladies here with a much longer history and experience with H. The best part being here, is that there is no one single opinion about a H bag, accessory, silks, shawls, shoes etc. The shared knowledge is what makes tpf special. :flowers:

    After reading your subsequent posts, I have the sense that you aren't thinking of getting it because you're being offered but that you will actually be able to love and use it.

    Definitely very, very nice to go to nice places with a croc Kelly and grow old with. Croc prices keep going up! So no better time than now, all things considered.

    I am a great fan of Croc Sellier Kellys. So I am biased! :P