Kelly medium size wallet or constance wallet

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  1. Which would you choose? I already have a long kelly wallet and am looking for something more compact to fit into my smaller bags. Pics would be appreciated. TIA!!!
  2. since you already have a kelly long wallet, i would go for the constance. i have both! is a pic of the constance wallet next to a kelly 25..

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  3. I say go for the Constance! It's easier to open than a Kelly wallet and it feels good in the palm of your hand! :smile:

  4. Awesome! Thank you ladies for enabling. I am off to look for a constance wallet!!
  5. Got a black epsom one w PHW!!! Cant wait for the fedex man to come!!
  6. Where did you find it?
  7. Houston Hermes...ask for Franklin he may have another one.

  8. Houston hermes..ask for Franklin.
  9. Thank you!