"Kelly" high heel sandal: $ difference on NM and Gucci.com sales

  1. I just ordered these wonderful grey suede sandals from Gucci for $269 (with free shipping, yeay:yahoo:) -- originally $675. Before that I also checked the NM sales and those same shoes (in black suede only though) and they're down to only $506.

    My question to all of you pro-Gucci shoppers: from your sales shopping experience did you notice that gucci.com sales are always better compared to department stores or is it just a lucky one? Also do you know of other reputable websites selling original Gucci? I'm quite new to this forum and appreciate any help (in shopping deals :yes:)

    Forgot the pictures
    kelly grey suede 4.1inch 675-269 1.jpg kelly grey suede 4.1inch 675-269 2.jpg kelly grey suede 4.1inch 675-269 3.jpg kelly grey suede 4.1inch 675-269 4.jpg
  2. The sandals are hot. Congrats on the great deal. I always get better deals on Gucci.com than I do from NM and Saks, etc.
  3. wow, those are some killer shoes. congrats on your purchase, such a great price! I've only shopped gucci sales, except a recent purchase from a Nordstrom sale. the sale amount was the same as gucci's.