Kelly Double Tour Bracelet No Longer Sold??

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  1. Hi all,

    I was taking a look on the H web-site and wasn't able to find the Kelly Double Tour...are they no longer selling it? (I was in the boutique over the weekend, but was too busy oogling the bags that I flounced over the bracelets) =P

    Also, I know some can use the Hapi 3 MM as a belt, as well as a bracelet - can someone please tell me how long the Hapi is? (*Some* of our waists are smaller than others :rolleyes:)

  2. The Kelly Double Tour Bracelet is definitely still available. I saw several on display at SCP this past weekend.
  3. Definately still around in the shops in the UK. :tup:
  4. LilTiffany, Sometimes inventory disappears off the H site and
    then reappears sometime later. :smile:
  5. ohh, thanks for the reassurance.

    Does anybody know the length of the Hapi 3 MM though? I'm not sure if I should get the Hapi and double it as a belt, or the double tour (so so pretty!)