kelly differences

  1. what are the differences between the following kellys?:

    kelly elan
    kelly clutch (aka jpg kelly)
    kelly longue

    kindly post pics if possible

  2. Hello constance, I can share a few pics of a Kelly Elan and JPG Mini Kelly clutch. Let me upload them, etc. I've got side, bottom, and interior views so you can compare. I've only seen the Kelly Longue in pictures. It looks rather large and IMHO too narrow for its size.

    Just a side note--the JPG Mini Kelly clutch is very compact but it can fit a lot more than one may think!

  3. Okay, here goes. The Kelly JPG clutch is the violet(?) one you posted in the info thread. Just a short, squat kelly with a very small top handle. This bag has the most debth of all the clutches.
    Lucy/Lucyndskywdmnds posted a picture of the Kelly Elan pochette in Kellybag's thread about Chamonix. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure this has a thin leather band on the back to slip your hand through. No top handle. Not as deep as the JPG.
    Now, for the Kelly Longue, I've never seen this one up close, but, to me, it looks kind of like the Jige, with quite a bit more width and less depth than the other two. I call these types of bags envelope clutches. All three have the signature Kelly belts and turnlock thingy.
  4. Ahh - she's here! Good! Pictures will be so much better than my crazy explanations!!
  5. I'm back! Here are pics of the Kelly Elan:

    The interior has one patch pocket. You can see that the Kelly Elan isn't very deep at all!

    Here are pics of the JPG Mini Kelly clutch:
    The JPG Mini Kelly clutch also has an interior patch pocket but you can see that it has a top handle that slides to lay flat or pushes up so that you can hold it as you would a regular Kelly.

    BTW, I didn't add the pic of the Kelly Elan's back but yes, this has a strap on the back that lays flat. You can slip your fingers through but I've never done that and would hate to put a dent into the bag!

    Sorry I don't have any pictures of a Kelly Longue but Greentea gave a wonderful explanation already. Personally, I prefer the Kelly Elan because it is SO elegant. For practicality's sake, however, the JPG Mini Kelly is much better since it accommodates more things.
  6. ETA that I should post measurements but I'm getting sleepy... Good night, everyone.
  7. I'm off to bed, too, but I'm glad I got the chance to drool over Lucy's pictures!
    Someday, I'd like to have either the Elan or the JPG in black box/palladium. Love them both.
  8. Before I go, did you know that there's also a Banana Kelly and a Kelly Pochette? I don't find them too appealing, though.
  9. Very nice thread!
  10. Great pics! Very helpful!
  11. I agree. Very interesting, and I love the pictures.
  12. pretty pretty JPG kelly....i want :smile:
  13. That Kelly Elan is just stunning!
  14. Thanks for the pics. :love: :love: both, so pretty and elegant.
  15. Thanks very much!