Kelly Clutch

  1. I'm just learning about hermes on this forum and think i'm catching the hermes bug!

    Can anyone tell me how much a kelly clutch in leather costs? Thanks.
  2. Oooh and does anyone have a picture?
  3. Hi! There are three Kelly clutches - Kelly Elan, JPG Kelly clutch and the new Kelly Longue (like an envelope clutch.)
    Which one are you interested in? :smile:
  4. There're 3 of them? What is the difference between the Elan and JPG? TIA
  5. I will try to post some pictures, hope it helps.

    I believe this is the Kelly JPG clutch
    red suede kelly.jpg

    And this is the new long Kelly clutch (have one of these in orange swift skin on hold for me :love: )
    gold kelly clutch.jpg

    I don't have a picture of the elan. But I know it's in one of our PF member's avistar, so pay close attention and you might see it :rolleyes:
    Or maybe someone else could post a picture of the elan.
  6. I love the new longue Kelly clutch!!
    It's gorgeous!

    How much do they go for Swift whispa?!?1
  7. OTINGOCNI has a black box Kelly Elan in her signature. I think that one is aroun $3500 or so?
  8. Yes, I think it's around that price for the Swift skin since that's goat skin. Maybe a little less for other skins but I didn't ask.
  9. This is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad~~~ I want ALL three styles! Crap, at this rate I'll NEVER be done! :P
  10. i think the JPG starts at around $4k now. not sure about the others.
  11. ooohhh....i only know of the kelly jpg one, but the long kelly one is amazing. :heart: :heart: :heart: it! thanks for pics and other info.
  12. Hermes lemming, really? =O The last time I bought a JPG Kelly Clutch it was about $2,700 (give or take depending on leather). If it's about $4K that's quite an increase over the past year.
  13. otingocni, did you get the black jpg clutch in the above picture? Nice... i hope the prices havn't gone up so much!

    Whispa - what is swift leather?

    Thanks to all ladies for posting. I'm easing my way in.....
  14. Hello kaban, the clutch in my signature is actually the Kelly Elan. The JPG Kelly clutch has a handle on the top and is a lot deeper. Thanks and good luck!