kelly clutch question

  1. please help me understand kelly clutches
    I have heard about jpg kelly,mini kelly, kelly pouchette, kelly elan, kelly longue

    Can someone please explain to me all the different "small" kellys and there names. Pics welcome
  2. JPG Kelly = Mini Kelly = Kelly Pochette

    Kelly Elan >> refer to S'Mom's. It's discontinued and only S'Mom's lucky enough to own of of these!

    Kelly Longue >> refer to pazt's orange swift in the thread link I posted.
  3. Thanks Mrs. S
    I was confused by all the different names for Mini kelly. I was looking at that thread and comparing pics, and that is when I realized that the small kelly probably just had multiple names just like the JPG/ shoulder birkin.
    Thanks again
  4. Well, technically, the mini-Kelly is the 20cm and there's a mini-mini at 15 cm (trust me on this, I was back and forth with Paris for a week making sure we got it right). The JPG Kelly is officially the Kelly pochette. And cross your fingers, Shopmom may not be only with a Kelly elan if all things go according to plan.
  5. *fingers crossed* HG! :tup:
  6. ^^ Thanks, HG for clarifying about the mini Kelly. I think the name has been loosely used these days. Even my SA calls it the mini Kelly :lol:

    HG :nuts: Yeah! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  7. :okay:Crossing my fingers for you, HG!!!:heart:
  8. Thanks folks! I haven't heard anything to the contrary regarding my order.
  9. :woohoo::woohoo:
  10. Well, no news is certainly GOOD NEWS!!! :yahoo::okay:
  11. Just received my Kelly longue! Black swift with gold HW. Perfect bag. I don't feel comfortable with HG's size because I want to put it under my arm and I want the little handle. Best of luck to you HG in getting your bag!
  12. My SA told me just yesterday that my store is getting a shipment of kelly Elan's so either they are the last left or they are still in production. thankfully as a guy i cant wear it because its drop dead! (If it wasn't as expensive as it is i would buy it as a pencil case)
  13. Hey, NM, are you sure he didn't actually say Kelly Longue? The two sound alike when it's said quickly. This has caused quite a bit of confusion between me and my (now former:crybaby:) SA. He actually ordered a Kelly Longue at first, then I had to straighten him out.:boxing:
  14. My SA is new so he may have got it twisted becuase i had a feeling that the Elan was discontinued, but I'm sure he said Elan. Well time will tell.