Kelly Caleche perfume with pics!

  1. Ok, so most of you know I'm off the deep end for this perfume. I am not a perfume person AT ALL but since I got the samples I have been wearing this every day. I finally got my bottle yesterday and it's so precious I don't even want to use it! I love the scent but I love the packaging MORE!

    Anyway here are some pics if anyone is interested. It is currently only available at the Wall Street store but will be nationwide next month I believe...
    IMG_5960.JPG IMG_5961.JPG IMG_5962.JPG IMG_5963.JPG IMG_5964.JPG
  2. a couple more pics so you can see the kelly hardware and how it opens and closes...
    IMG_5966.JPG IMG_5968.JPG IMG_5967.JPG
  3. i love the kelly lock!!
  4.'s pink :heart: These days I'm a total sucker for anything pink, lol. I'm sure it smells delicious!
  5. isn't it just darling? and it's PINK! omg i may redo my whole bathroom to match it. LOL. kidding. I did however do a major clear out of my bathroom- cabinets, counter top, everything so this baby would have her own place to shine. i'm nuts.
  6. Thanks H!!!

    I'm really excited!!!

    (I love good perfume packaging too...I save the boxes of they are really pretty and display all my perfumes on my vanity in my bedroom)

    Remind me to pack the Elmer's glue next week so I can afix myself properly to your wrist all day!
  7. lol. you're going to suck all the scent right off it!

    seriously i want to horde like 100 bottles of this. i'm already thinking it's what i'm going to ask for for christmas. what is wrong with me? i want my whole bathroom to match- which is a horror show because it's purple! lol
  8. oh and yes i saved the box too. and you should have SEEN the way i peeled the plastic off it. omg.
  9. Love the hardware that comes with the Kelly perfume...

    I wonder if this is the first time we have had a strip tease of a perfume bottle on tPF??
  10. Now that's not that's very Hello Kitty..;)
    years ago I had a plastic Elvis shower curtain...that would have matched perfectly...

    Every moring I got to shower with the King!
  11. OMG thats so hot i didnt know abotu the H/W on it! It so sold me! dam bottles sell me on everything! i bought not one but two bottles of versace-time for action, because it has the cute tags on the bottle! thank god i actually like the fragrance (one bottle is still under the cabinet unopened) The leather topper on the Hermessence range attracted me to it as well! I was tossing between Terre d'Hermes and this when it comes out and i was going for Terre, but now with such immaculate packaging i don't know maybe ill buy both! lol
  12. lol.

    so it was silly to do a perfume reveal? i thought people would want to know what it looks like. oh well.
  13. You should have put the words "HOT!!!HOT!!!HOT!!! SQUIRRELS"
    " in the title.....

    that would have grabbed more attention...:p
  14. oy. you.
  15. Ooh! That is sooooo pretty, how does it smell?