KELLY 50cm : Anybody?

  1. How much would a Kelly

    :party: 50:party:

    cm retail in paris or belgium (EURO)?
    Is it hard to get?
    Does anybody has a picture of holding it?
    Sounds awsome!

    Thx guys!

  2. Here ya's one of my favorite photos.....
  3. Wow, that's a BIG Kelly!
  4. I know, Rose......and I like it all used and broken in like that......what a treasure! Looks pretty dang good on a man in a suit......
  5. Yes, but it would take both Ninja and I ( one standing on top of the other) to pull that size off! I do like it on that man though... I wonder if I could persuade my dh to step into the world of H, hmmmm
  6. Oh i love that photo Shopmom!!!
  7. I personally don't think it's a very big bag...
    Isn't it smaller than a 50?
    Somewhere on eBay is a 50 and it seems bigger?
    Anybody has some info on the price?



  8. You are right, just big for a petit girl like myself. It's beautiful and I wish I big enough to pull off some of the bigger H bags.

  9. My opinion = buy a big bag if you like it.

    I think the contrast small girl - big bag is super!
    Some tall people wear a cluth!
    Isn't that the same haha!

    Would murder for a kelly or birkin 50 in gold or brown but
    my store in brussels has nothing and I am not allowed
    to travel alone by my parents friends because they know me and
    they're afraid that I might stay there...

    Don't really know what to do.
    They really have nothing!
    1 valparaiso in black
    1 big travel birkin in black
    (and I really don't want any black...)
    That's about it most times.

    Wish I was born in Paris, living above the Hermès store...

  10. it's quite big for a bag. it's perfectly proportioned for a case/briefcase.
    shopmom that is a terrific picture - i totally love seeing it that used.

  11. Well I would to use it as briefcase / he-bag ...

  12. lol, that would mean that you worked at hermes, no?
    what about antwerp - maybe they have more...
  13. It runs around $8500 in the US, not sure about prices in Paris.
  14. Indeed!
    Then it wouldn't be a such a problem.
    Never went there because the store is even smaller then Brussels....
    Would they tell me on the phone if it's available?
    Once had to call about my kelly double tour bracelet and they
    wouldn't tell me anything (bought it a month ago finally because they always are sold-out immediately, in white epsom)

    So I really don't know what to do...

    :s ​
  15. your boutique in brussels ought to be willing to call the antwerp shop for you.

    just an aside, how is brussels outfitted for bolides?