Kelly 32 box noir or gold epsom?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    what would you choose for an everyday Kelly?
    32 Box noir with GHW or 32 Gold Epsom with GHW?
  2. For Me It Would Be The 32 (Well, In My Case The 28) Black Noir W/GH...:heart:BB
  3. Well, black box is the classic kelly but I wouldn't choose box for every day. Epsom, on the other hand, is extremely durable and gold is my fave neutral and better in summer than black. Go with the gold epsom.
  4. Black box, but it is my favorite leather/color combo.
  5. do noz like gold in epsom but looove black box and in my world box is totally an all around use everywhere anywhere type of leather
  6. Which Kelly style? Sellier or Retourne?
  7. MrsS, retourne
  8. Black box, and since it's retourne, it could definitely work casually. I am not a fan of Epsom for bags.
  9. the black retourne for me and for you.
  10. missmarbella, if you think you can deal with the ugly duckling stage of box calf, I would strongly encourage you to choose box calf over epsom. No doubt you will get scratches on box calf, but once it patinas, it's beautiful. Epsom, being an embossed leather cannot be refurbished the same extent as box calf. I don't have an Epsom bag but both my Azap Long wallets are in Epsom. I do like its durability but I find that over time, the embossed grains of Epsom smooth out and look plain.
  11. missmarbella, black box without a question. Epsom is not my favorite leather for reasons above.

    If this helps (?) the day my Black Box Kelly 25 arrived she came out of the orange box, I attached her shoulder strap and she went with me to a luncheon and hung on the back of my chair. Then, she went to the post office and back to my work office.

    I love the feel of the leather and kept running my hands over it....I believe that Miss Kelly was getting a bit :shame: Since then, she's been out and about with me often.

    You can take black box anywhere with the only thing to really watchout for is rain/water or other spills.
  12. Since it's retourne, I vote wholeheartedly for black box. I have one in 28 and I have never found it to be a problem to get in and out of. Use it and get it taken care of at Hermes every year and it will age beautifully (I don't have first hand experience in this as my bag is only a year old, but this is what I've learned from the experts on this forum and from Claude himself).
  13. 32 Box noir with GHW!!!
  14. Black box, hands down.
  15. Black Box in retourne for sure as I am also not a fan of Epsom leather. Buy black Box and use it, take care of it and it will last for generations!!!!!