Kellie Picklers Dad Sells Her Stuff On eBay While She Is On Tour !!

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  1. What a creep :sad:

    Kellie Pickler Betrayed

    Pickler with her father, Clyde, during her home coming parade in NC, May 8, 2006.

    Kellie Pickler’s dad sold her out – literally.

    A source tells Us Weekly that the American Idol contestant’s father, Clyde -- who was released from jail in May after serving three years for assaulting a cop – auctioned off some of her belongings on eBay while she was on tour this summer.
    “It was personal effects that he had from her childhood, like shoes,” says an Idol insider. “When Kellie found out, she was crushed. Everything was gone.”
  2. OMG. Men can really suck sometimes...
  3. i never really liked her on the show but that's so sad, i have sympathy for her.
  4. What a bastard dad he is!!
  5. Awwww.... poor girl. The stuff she went through with her mom and dad... :sad:
  6. He seems like a loser.
  7. What a HORRIBLE dad!!!
  8. I feel bad for her. That is so rude!
  9. now that is just foul
  10. How could he do that to her!!!!
  11. Loser! Poor girl to be stuck with a creep of a father like that.
  12. gosh i feel for her! her dad sounds like a scumbag!
  13. I just saw her on Jay Leno and she was so cute and funny. I didn't like her much at all on American Idol but after I found out more about her I really gained respect for her. She is a genuine sweetheart. She deserves better than what her father is.
  14. Poor girl :sad:
  15. Poor thing...well I do hope she has a successfuly career!