Keeping Jimmy clean

  1. Until our forum begins (YES!) I need to ask what I might be using to "condition" the snakeskin trim on my Ramona? I am so afraid it might dry out or peel without any type of conditioning:crybaby: ? Do you think a good rub with a leather conditioner would do it? I also have one teeny tip to hand out on caring for the "baby" when dining out. I am forever afraid that my waitress will have all the gracefullness of an oxen and dump a drink on my Ramona. I now carry a gorgeous designer scarf from Gucci (it even has pictures of purses emblazened on it -- on sale at Bluefly) and drape it over the top of my Jimmy while dining;) . I'd much rather take the scarf to a dry cleaners than cry for weeks with a drowned Ramona.

    THANKS FOR OUR JC FORUM!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. I haven't used anything on it. I'm afraid it may increase the chance of peeling.

    I've been using my bag daily for about two weeks and I've had so many compliments, more than any other bag I have.
  3. I have a Jimmy Choo, the ross, and the entire thing is snake skin. They beauty of the skin is that there is no upkeep. You do not have to worry about it or protect is. I am attaching a pic of my bag so you can that the skin covers the entire bag. I m very hard on this purse and have never had a problem. Welcome to one tough exotic leather


    Thanks for the advice of no upkeep needed! How could this purse get any better?!!