keepalls with/without straps. enable me please

  1. im going on my first conference at the begining of next year and im doing a lot more traveling now than i ever have so i think its about time i get a keepall. not that i really need an excuse.

    keepall owners, do you preffer a strap or no strap? i want a 45 or 50 so do i really need to pay the extra and get one with a strap?
  2. Get the strap!!!!!
  3. I prefer no strap!
  4. When I get my Keepall later this year, I plan to get one without the strap. First off, I prefer it from an asthetic standpoint- the vertical leather strip really distorts the bag's classic curved shilouette IMO. Secondly, being that the strap attachments are are either end, the bag will kinda fold or flex in the center into a V-shape when worn on the shoulder. I have a Burberry duffle in the same style and it always gets folded up like that. I may end up purchasing a shoulder strap and attaching it to the handles though, where it won't cause the bag to fold because of it's central posistion.
  5. I have a 50, no strap for me. I am short and carrying the bag with the strap would be uncomfortable and the bag would be hitting me in the thigh. Try them both on in the Boutique.
  6. I dont own a keepall but if I did I think I'd prefer no strap... I'd worry using a strap espicially if the bag was heavy. Plus it's alot of weight to be on your shoulder. I would go for no strap :smile:
  7. Personally I think the strap is really valueable these bags do get heavy and the strap coomes in very handy, the concerns about having all weight on one shoulder is it really any different having it all on one hand both will knock your posture off centre.

    If you buy it with strap I think it's about £100 more than the version without.

    When we bought ours we asked if we got no-strap and wanted to add it we were told it would cost about £200

    So my vote--with strap you don't have to use but it's nice to have the option
  8. not a fan of the strap but maybe in the future
  9. If your travelling is mostly by car, then Keepall 50. With Strap - even if you don't use it, it is there if you need it! When the bag is full and heavy, you'll be glad you have a strap. It is quite comfortable cross body. If you are mostly travelling by air, get something with wheels!
  10. When I get my Keepall 50 (fingers crossed for soon!!) I believe I am not getting a strap! But I think it depends on what else you will have to take/carry with you??
    Good luck!!!! :smile:
  11. i vote strap. its better to have it if you find out that you need it. i too am in the market for a keepall- but i think i'm going for a 55.
  12. i think you should get one with the strap.....

    my sa said that she would go for no bigger than a 50 (and she thinks the 50 is a little big) Shes 5 ft 4 inches
  13. Hi Cherry, I had a keepall and it was too big, the strap makes your shoulder hurt and I find the grip on it annoying. I would get a keepall W/O strap and the 45. :smile:

    But IMO handheld looks much better :s
  15. I hand carry mine because the strap would just hurt my shoulders.